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IKON Industrial Solutions LLC was formed to allow the resources of both companies to penetrate the Petro-chemical and Industrial sectors.

Our team is dedicated to providing service excellence in the following categories: 

Large and Small Concrete Paving

We provide concrete paving services for small and large projects. Services include turnkey slab and paving jobs. Site prep, foundation prep, forming, placing, finishing. Tilt wall construction, cast in place structures, and flat work.

Concrete Rehabilitation and Specialty Coatings

We will repair existing concrete containment areas and coat the areas with chemical resistant coatings. We also offer chemical resistant concrete products. Our products can protect your secondary containment systems from all harsh chemicals. We evaluate your needs and choose the best product system to defend against attack.

Machinery Grout and Foundations

Our technicians are capable of setting all types of pumps, blowers, and equipment. We offer epoxy and cementitious grouts.

Injectable Grouts and Sealants

Injectable Urethane Grouts offer the ability to stop leaks and seal cracks and restore the load bearing capacity of concrete water clarifier bases, cooling tower dikes, elevator shafts, sump walls and a variety of other leaking surfaces.

The products also extend to injections for soil stabilization. These grouts are Hydro-active and will activate in the presence of water. With this expertise we can solve a wide array of problems involving leaking slabs, walls, tunnels, dikes, and sumps. 

High Emissivity Coatings

We have years of experience in the applications of High Emissivity Coatings in a variety of industries. High Emissivity Coatings will increase the emissive properties of most substrates resulting in increased efficiencies. Successful applications include Pyrolysis Furnaces, Large Ovens and Boilers. We represent EMISSHIELD products. EMISSHIELD is the world leader in high emissive thin film coatings.

Epoxy Injections

Epoxy injections are used to structurally bond cracked concrete surfaces. By strategically placing injection points and pressure injecting liquid epoxies into cracks, the areas will be structurally bonded to each other as the epoxies cure.

Waterproof Barriers

Waterproofing barriers provide protection against water intrusion. Methods of application include spray and roll-on. We offer several options depending on the specific needs and the stage of the construction.

Joint Sealants / Tank Chine Sealants

Sealing tank chine angle joints with a variety of protective sealants is important to ensure that liquids do not enter under the tank baseplates and corrode the steel structure.

Sealing joints and cracks in concrete containment areas will insure the integrity of the containment. Joint sealants range from polysulfide rubbers to the most chemical resistant Viton fluoropolymer elastomer.

Epoxy Floor Coverings / Slip Resistant Floors

Concrete surfaces in shop and machine areas can become slippery. Epoxy coatings with broadcasted aggregates can provide protection and slip resistance.

Decorative and functional Epoxy floor coatings provide beauty and durability to any shop floor or work area.

Structural Restoration and Shoring

Structural columns and supports often fail due to internal corrosion of re-bar and general spalling of the concrete surfaces. We will evaluate the problems and offer effective repair options. Using high strength grouts, reinforcements, and epoxies we can rehabilitate failing support structures. Shoring up failing beams and columns can also be accomplished by using engineered epoxy reinforced wraps.

Leaking Pipe and Tank Repair

We offer Engineered pipe repair systems designed to stop leaks and restore strength to thinning or corroded pipe. Small leaks in metal tank walls can be arrested by using fast set epoxies and metal repair epoxies.

Culvert Replacement and Underground Pipe Repair and Location.

We excavate failed culvert and storm sewer piping in your plant and replace them using the latest high strength plastic culvert pipe to combat future failures. Finding underground pipeline leaks and repairing the leak can be accomplished using engineered pipe wrap technologies.

Chemical Sewer and Sump Lining

We are able to repair in place most chemical sewers in your plant by using fiber reinforced polymers custom installed to the contours of your trench. Trench and sump repairs that are needed are completed before the new liner installation. We can pre-cast or cast in place new sumps using chemical resistant high strength concrete products.

Epoxy Repair Technologies

We offer proven and cost effective repair solutions for machinery, equipment and plant structures damaged by erosion, corrosion, cavitation, wear, impact, abrasion, chemicals, and hydrostatic pressure. Heat Exchanger channels and tube sheets, pump bowls and impellers, blower housings, foundation repairs, and leak repairs.